D21: The Sovereignty of Beauty

Sunday, 07 July 2019

Same as:

  • The ownership of beauty
  • The regal aspect of compassion
  • Free will attribute of splendor

Compassion’s ownership is translated by our personal definitions of human dignity.

True compassion can be extended because of hurts; it empathizes and understands the need for mercy because it is mercy.

Being hurt downright hurts. So? Hurt! Express it. Cry, laugh, yell, go play golf, have ice cream, just do something to allow yourself to ‘feel’ the hurt in productive ways that help heal you. Repressed feelings eventually regress character strengths.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I give my compassion room to grow?
  • Do I allow myself to receive compassion from others or do I insist that ‘I can do it all by myself’?
  • If I am still healing from past hurts, will I allow myself to use those memories to be the catalyst that repairs my compassion since I know what it means to need compassion first hand?

Exercise for the day: 

Easy challenge: Use today to be compassionate towards yourself by pampering your personal appearance. It is not vane to be the best version of you; it’s actually responsible and invokes regeneration.

God created you… yes you…beautifully, radiantly and splendorously, so BE beautiful, radiant and splendorous.

Beauty fosters Sovereignty


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