D24: The Beauty of Victory

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Same as:

  • The compassionate side of our endurance in things
  • The compassionate attributes of harmony with others and mental balance within ourselves

A few ways to look at this:

Enduring harmony is that deep sigh before you speak in confrontational moments so that you are level headed with your responding words instead of adding to the tension. But what about switching the words? It is harmonious endurance (the beauty of victory) that accomplishes peace.

Compassion that doesn’t follow all the way through is the same as beauty that quits.

Ask yourself: 

  • When it comes to helping others, am I distracted by my:
    • daily routine?
    • work?
    • goals?
    • school?
    • Ministry?


Challenge: Make good on your words: If you’ve promised someone something and have yet to follow through, then make good on your word today or as soon as feasibly possible. If you find you cannot fulfill your promise, then reconcile the situation with honesty and a genuine apology.


Beauty fosters Victory






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