Wk5: Humility

14 July 2019

The aspects of humility are: humbleness, gratitude, position, modesty.

What a great week to challenge our humility. Being excessive in anything erodes the value of it. Modesty keeps pride in check.

Recognition of our correct positions can easily be learned by paying attention to how we measure ourselves against another. Pride will cause us to be more than we’re not, while low self esteem can hinder our individual strengths.

Humility is actually designed to build confidence. When we allow ourselves to be mentored, or when we respect our lower positions in service, we gain valuable tools in leadership like empathy, integrity, kindness, and endurance.

Use this week to shed all complaints and pessimism. Even if you have to write a note to yourself – “YOU ARE BLESSED – GOD LOVES YOU!!!” – I really want you to understand that God has positioned you to be loved by Him.




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