D31: The Beauty of Humility

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Same as: The harmony of humbleness

The counterweight to balancing out pride is humility.

Humility’s opposite is actually vanity, not pride. Pride might be an aspect of vanity but pride used in a healthy manner promotes the best qualities within us.

Placing too much focus on our outer appearances (body, family, possessions, career) will deprive the development of our actual purpose in our daily routines: We were created to work together harmoniously, fitting together perfectly with all of our differences. Encouraging one another and being compassionately humbled towards one another. 

Inner peace can largely be attributed to harmonious humility. The focus on another’s well being is spiritual ‘health-food’ for the soul.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I allow pride to stop the flow of my compassion?
    • Do I become frustrated too easily?
    • Do I hold someone accountable for wrong doings long after they have sincerely apologized?

Challenge: Practice humility in your compassion by going out of your way to help people in need today. Strangers qualify. Short on funds? Compliment people – it’s compassionate and downright feels good.

Beauty fosters Humility


Personal thoughtBeauty is in the eye of the humbled beholder. I have seen pretty people be hideously ugly and average looking people be astonishingly gorgeous because of their sincere compassion to help those in need.

The next time you get a chance, try and catch the inner beauty of someone helping another; if a diamond’s beauty comes from its splendor, humility would be that splendor.


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