D34: The Humility of Bonds

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Same as: Humbled relational bonds

(repeat of last series)

The measures of respect for others directly influences our bonds. When we allow it, humility opens the door to conflict resolution, first, within ourselves, then, the other.

Respect for human value consistently triumphs because of the humility aspects in its behavior.

The integrity of a relationship can be examined with simple questions that serve as the ‘ask¬† yourself’ today:

  • “Are my contributions to this relationship bettering him/her, or hurting him/her?”
    • bettering me, or hurting me?
  • “Is his/her contributions to this relationship bettering me, or hurting me?”
    • bettering him/her, or hurting him/her?
  • “Are we the best version of our relationship?”
  • “What can we do, together, to strengthen our ties?
  • Would it be better to part ways?”

Not all relationships need an ax, some need only a little pruning. Unfortunately, though, some need an ax.

BIG Challenge: Evaluate your relationship with God today. Ask the questions given already, except, focus on your relationship with Him.

Bonds foster Humility


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