With EVERY New thing that God does comes great opposition

08 April 20: Today I have been pressed to release this: My apologies, it’s lengthy, but timely.  Think me not a copy-cat to other prophetic words that are similar to this. However, this post has been sitting in my drafts since the day I wrote it back in August of last year.  While working on the new challenges for the April 12th launch, I ran across it and was given the “GO AHEAD” from the Lord. I was paused in posting it last year and can clearly see why now.

20 August 2019

Last week, (8/11) I had a dream about a dragon landing in my backyard. I saw him land and then suddenly I find myself in bed like I was ‘waking up’, fully aware of the dragon outside of my window. At once, an angel opened the door to my bed room. He was 8-9 feet tall in stature. While bending his head down to enter through my 7 ft door frame, he says, “WENDY! It’s time to go! Don’t worry about the dragon, I know how to get around him. It’s time! Get up! Let’s Go!” His appearance was that of a man dressed in clothing that blended into the backgrounds. I know he is an angel, He has spoken to me before, several times. He only surfaces in dreams when there is a huge event about to occur.

I did not wake immediately, I actually had several other dreams that showed various travel scenes. Nothing vivid, but the insights to what was ahead in my personal life. But, I also knew and still have a knowing that it wasn’t just me getting these downloads, there were many.

In the moments of my waking up I had a ‘knowing’ that the dragon was opposition, satan himself.

“Those with ears, listen to what the Spirit says: when Our Lord beckons you, in daily thoughts, in night dreams or visions. In the quiet hours, when your mouth and your mind stop wandering, He tests the secret things and reveals choices and purpose in order to preserve what is HIS. To not believe HIM is what stops your connection to HIM which makes you vulnerable. Look away from the dragon…. don’t even acknowledge he is there, trust the voice of the Lord and follow HIM at all costs”.

Prophetic Church: What seemed like being an outcast because we’ve been cast out only means that we were/are being SET APART!!! Exactly like King David in the entire Psalm 4, but specifically Psalm 4:3 in terms of the truth we must embrace with the new – “But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly (kind, faithful) for Himself: the LORD will hear when I call unto him.”

A few hours after I woke, a friend reached out to me and said, “Wendy, the Lord gave me a word for you. This might sound weird, but He said “It’s Time”. She had no way of knowing about my dream or that I had prayed intently to the Lord that He would confirm what He had shown me over night.

Like resounding echos, at this very moment, I hear:

“Prophetic Church!!!! Open your ears, allow God’s intervention to navigate you around the dragon. It’s time! Follow what the Spirit of the Lord says. ”

Don’t take my word for it:

The dragon (that old serpent, satan) that has come to delay and even stop the promises God gave you specifically in addition to what His Word says in the bible. With EVERY New thing that God does comes great opposition: Adam and Eve (the first sin), Cain and Abel (the first murder), Moses (Pharoh), The Ten Commandments (pagan religiosity) JESUS (the Pharisees), 12 Apostles (Jewish oppression), the countless disciples since the completion of the bible, that have led us to here to this very day, each one faced oppositions that were overcome because of God’s promises.

Many, many ‘words’ flood the airwaves. Not all are true – there are many false prophets on the scene. Find a safe zone and connect to God’s Words for strengthening in these times we have entered into.

The KEY to accomplishing a peaceful life in the midst of chaos is to take OWNERSHIP of the Father’s connection to you and every layer of Him that is found within you. Without a super-tight connection to HIM there will be an unnecessary battle with this dragon that’s come on the scene to oppose the new that is NOW!!!!

It is VERY important to recognize that we can rest in our Father and He works on our behalf. But, do not confuse this with being lazy. It is not a time to languish, it is a time to trust and then trust fiercely. Faith without works is surely dead.

There is going to be a lot of confusion, and you know? There already is. But, make no mistake, HIS word never returns void. Furthermore, (James 3:17 KJV)
But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

If you’re like me, still being intimidated by discouragement when it comes to speaking out, and you know you are indeed hearing GOD, JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, then what I’m about to say is specifically for YOU:

We are coming out of our places of ‘in betweens’. There is a calling. You know it, I know it and we are feeling the drawing together of all of us who have been ‘covert’ for a number of years. We are the unseen, the average and have been taught how to ‘blend’, not because we get overlooked… NOOO!!! So that, WITHOUT THEATRICS, the presence of God in us could atmospherically harmonize the imbalances the enemy uses in others. We need that attribute with what is ahead. Godly beauty is never vain, but it’s splendor is truly unmistakable and can blind the enemy with its brilliance so well that your entire field of view is effected by its pureness. Where God’s light in us shines, there He is, on full display for others to rest in His peace.

We have been shown our destinies in these past couple of years… NO!!!! YOU HAVE NOT MISSED IT!!! That is the dragon coming to take your eyes off of what God has given you already. I keep hearing HIM, over and over and over – trust ME! Trust Me! TRUST ME!!!!

See, I know that I know that the elect are not outcasts, though we were cast out – But, it’s all in perspective: We’ve been SET APART!! Are you hearing the Spirit? “Though you were cast out, you were never an outcast – you are set apart, child!”

See, God protected us from wolves that came to divide and devour. Look at what HE did! He restored our balance when we were knocked down. He polished our luster because of dullness in our shine, He set our feet on a rock and now IT IS TIME to BE exactly what He purposed us for.

I am pressed to repeat this:
OWNERSHIP is KEY. Taking ownership of your connection to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is not only vital, but life saving and the strong tower that protects you.

More specifically: Taking the image of Him created in you from the get go and reflecting it back to Him as He designed you to do. This not only changes you, it influences the unseen realms you travel through and occupy. If the Word be our sword, then the Light be the power when wielding it. If the Armor can protect, then the Light can deflect. Let those with ears, hear what the Spirit is saying.

It is the personal ownership (your free will) to choose walking in His attributes: Loving and kind, truthful and just, compassionate and harmonizing, with holy purpose, humbled and grateful, and then the more intimate attributes of bonding to Him and using our free will to choose His will. Then we shall say, “Dragon? What dragon?!? We are our Father’s children. The dragon must obey our Father who loves us, not the dragon, that old serpent known as satan”!


Reflecting on the word from August – the fruition has begun to occur already. What zeal that has returned and is NOW returning to the elect. BIG REQUEST: Pray for the laborers, they are indeed few.  Until next time…

Warm regards – W