D4: Evaluate The Victory of Love


Psalms 100:5  For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

Endurance, perseverance, determination, intentions, motives and purpose are key attributes of Godly victories.

What makes love victorious? A well defined goal. If love’s goal is to simply love, then it will never quit.

Persevering love casts fear aside confidently. Fear is the short word for ‘doubting God’, and ‘no belief’. Doubt can cultivate defeating thoughts that cause love to wane and even quit.

Doubtful love resembles low confidence, criticism, and jealousy.

God created you to love you forever (period).

Determination heals love.

Ask yourself:

  • Will I fight for the love I have?
  • How determined am I to love?
  • Is my love strong (honest) enough to endure until the end?


In your thoughts today: ‘Fight’ for your enemy or the person you consider your biggest challenge or opponent. Purposefully be their defense attorney today and find the reason they deserve to be united with Jesus for an eternity in their after-life.






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