6/7 The Connections of Love


John 10:30 – “I and my Father are one.”

In order for love to be actualized, it must bond to someone or something in order to act. When love bonds to the wrong things loving kindness becomes lost in translation.

God is the only one who is qualified to partner (bond) with you when it comes to spiritual wholeness. Try as we may to avoid that truth, He actually is the only tangible soul healer. Anyone or thing other than Him will always fall short.

According to the master blueprint, human relationships develop character, they reinforce love and are the catalyst for individual success.

Things to ask yourself:

What is my love bonding to? Fear? Laziness? Passionate anger? The past? Unrealistic expectations?

What keeps my love from bonding to certain people? Status? Politics? Religion?

Does my love have a safe destination or is it aimlessly wandering? Am I prudent with my love, bonding it to the right people and things? 

Today, examine what you bond your love to. The easiest way to find the ‘object’ is what your thoughts lean to most often.


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