12/40: How Humbled Are Your Standards?


John 7:24 (ESV) “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” 

Humility drives behaviors concerning all of our judgments: It acts as a buffer for our reactions in social encounters because of the positional value it holds. If human worth is cheap then prideful judgments are made. Pride is the enemy of humility.

Excessive humility, also known as false humility, is evident in behaviors that cower inappropriately. It will also ‘turn a blind eye’. It invariably submits to defeat through the misconceptions of being inadequate.

Ask yourself questions that will pull out the correct position of your truth: During confrontations, do I show respect? To myself? To others? Do I expect too much from myself or others? Is my humility (gratitude) truthful? To myself? To others?

Today, concentrate on evaluating people with honest eyes. Forget what they look like, sound like, the word phrases they use, their belief systems religious or political, or anything that would cause you to consider them ‘less than’ your standards. Evaluate what stops your humbled truth and channel it into gratitude.