23/49: Honesty in Victory


Matthew 12:16-20 (TPT) However, He (Jesus) sternly warned them not to tell others or disclose his real identity,  (17)  in order to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah:  (18)  “Take a careful look at My servant, My chosen One. I love Him dearly and I find all My delight in Him. I will breathe My Spirit upon Him and He will decree justice to the nations.  (19)  He will not quarrel or be found yelling in public.  (20)  He won’t brush aside the bruised and broken. He will be gentle with the weak and feeble, until His victory releases justice.”

Instant gratification vs. Going the distance: Going the distance for the wrong things will rob the integrity of your victory. 
Stamina relies on truth otherwise the motivation to withstand life events invariably leans towards instant gratification. Resilience is only learned through the tough times in our lives.
When choosing what to endure for, just be honest with yourself. Allow truths that are formed in love, compassion and humility to dictate your choices.
Today: You were born to win, so…BE an honest winner. Let truth and justice be in your stride from this day forward.

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