To the Elect in Texas: Feel your heart beat again!

Out of obedience to the Most High God, I write the following:

10th of May, 2020 (2:22pm cdt)

“Hindsight is 20/20″….. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!”

“To the Elect in Texas:
The Holy Spirit floods the spaces between us. Texas!!! Feel your heart beat come alive again!!”

(What a weight, Father!!! The precense is soooo strong!!!)

“Child! Listen – it is for you and for all of the elect. I am fine tuning you to fit together without having to be together. It’s been my plan all along.”

(Pour out Your Spirit, Father!!!! LET YOUR GLORY and YOUR TRUTHS FLOOD THIS STATE! And not only this state, let the glory of You on Texas spill over to the entire nation and the ends of the earth!)

“Children: your celebration is at hand. But, the war has just begun. To those who overcome, I will give the right to eat of the fruit of life – those with ears, hear what the Spirit has to say.”

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