36/49: Loving Bonds


Matthew 6:21 (TPT) “For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure.”

The speaker of these words further states (paraphrased) that the human eye captures truthful insights when the heart restrains from cloudy desires (objects, money, and sometimes people).

When love has been defined by lies (things like: love should be ‘felt’, or love is only love when it is ‘passionate’) then relationships near and far will be based on emotional input and not on the spiritual nourishment factor loving bonds are designed for.

Ask: Do I understand the love aspect of my relationships? Do I understand the difference between foundational love and emotional love? What is my love focused on in my closest relationships? Also, and most importantly, – Do I allow God to lovingly bond to me? If not, why do I keep pushing Him away?

Today: Allow God to bond His love to you. Allow yourself to bond your loving kindness to others.

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