39/49: Endurance in Connections


Luke 21:19 (ESV) “By your endurance you will gain your lives.”

Human life is full of attachments, from objects to people, the human race is connective by nature. The beliefs we connect to spiritually become woven into the fabric of what we are willing to stand up for and what we walk away from.

Endurance draws from purpose, motives and agendas.

In our bonding characters, pure motives provides an endless supply chain of strength to carry out our ‘missions’ when our goals are for the right reasons.

To gauge your level of endurance with ‘attachments’ ask questions like: Do I stick with ‘it’ out of duty, loyalty, ambition, habit, because God said so, somebody else said so, because I am rebelling? Are my expectations realistic with my ‘connection’? Can I be stubborn or jump to conclusions too quickly?

Today: Stand super firm in being patient today. It’s an angry and fearful world, don’t add to it today. Smile! You’re a winner in a race you’ve already won!

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