41/49: The Ties That Bind


John 17:5-6 TPT  (prayed Jesus) “So my Father, restore me back to the glory that we shared together when we were face-to-face before the universe was created.”  (6)  “Father, I have manifested who you really are and I have revealed you to the men and women that you gave to me. They were yours, and you gave them to me, and they have fastened your Word firmly to their hearts.”

The actual truth is that humans were created to reconnect back to our heavenly Father, just like Jesus.

In the heart of every relationship lies God’s intentions for the purpose of human existence: family and fellowship.

In between being born and dying, we form relationships that directly shape and mold our characters. Without forming the most important relationship, which is to our creator, God, our spirits are restless and incontent.

No questions today, just spend time with God the whole day. He loves you very much and wants to hear about your day – all of it!

Today – be yourself with God. Allow yourself to connect to Him by letting Him connect to you. Don’t stop talking to Him today. Seriously, He wants you to trust Him enough to talk to Him. He is an awesome listener!!!

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