Finals…Sovereignty Week

WOW!!! Didn’t See That Coming!!!
See, I kept getting drawn to the book of Revelation for the entire past 6 weeks and after this morning I can see why.

Yielding to the Holy Spirit’s nudge and being obedient, I am using the end time seven churches for the characters of personal sovereignty.

(2) scripture references, with the added third as being the ‘bridge’ between the two and the remedy for behavioral conflicts.

Because WE are the church, it is a critical moment in history to hear the voice of the Spirit in the RED LETTERS. It is the same Spirit beckoning us to the greatest call in our lives: Eternity On The Horizon, OUR KING IS COMING!!!!

Please know I am still asking myself: “Am I over thinking this?” But, it just that by what I discovered today, and I’ve been at this for decades, I am simply encouraged all over again, by my Savior, whose Word is ALIVE and more powerful than any two edged sword fashioned by man’s hands!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING FATHER IN HEAVEN!!!!!

Please be encouraged in the correction – it is God’s loving nature that desires an eternity with us. His truth is that He is for us otherwise He would not have gone to such great lengths to provide an everlasting path that returns us back to Him.

Don’t let the correction Jesus gave to the churches be discouraging, but rather, let it cause a deep assessment of your true identity in our Elohim Father in Heaven. After all, we are reprove our faith, in Word, but also in action.

Until the next time – W

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