Leaving Egypt

Entering into the Passover season always brings me to the reflection of the weeks prior to the great Exodus, Moses, the plagues and the great miracles God performed after hearing the unbearable grief outpouring from the hearts of His children.

This year’s 49-Day blog / vlog will begin shortly. However, the vlog will begin in the next week hopefully.

I am excited about this year: My granddaughter will be joining me. She and I will be ‘leaving Egypt’ in the coming weeks and spend time in the ‘wilderness’ until we reach the 50th day together. We will be sharing it with you. The last time she vlogged with me she was 5. Now she’s 7 and has been practicing for this since she did the last one. How could I leave her out this time? And, why would I want to? I am adding that video of her with this post. It’s my favorite out of all of them. The raw innocence of a child’s honesty pierces the heart.

It’s been a depressive last year to say the least. I am first to admit it has been easy to self focus on my wants and needs and you know what? Our Father in Heaver knows our wants and needs better than we do. With that being said – it’s welcoming to reach this time of the year when God, Himself, can heal and repair the damages made in the prior year and restore our vision to focus on others like we’re designed to do.

It can be easy to return to Egypt if all we know is how to survive in Egypt. We don’t want that, therefore, we must leave our places of oppression if we are to find our true destination.

With a healthy fear of the One true God, Elohim, being restored it provided a road map to the promised land for the children in the wilderness. Think of how much more restorative in our lives with the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Having my granddaughter is going to bring a freshness I believe we can all use. This year we will focus on the true Count of the Omer and leave Egypt as we reference Red Letter and Gospel examples.

I have had googly eyes for the last day or so just knowing this is happening. Being reminded by the Holy Spirit that we all need the ABBA Father love that rests our weary souls.

So, as we have lost, we must remind ourselves that we are never, never out of reach of God, and never really lose but go from glory to glory.

Glad to be back and feeling the reviving of my soul stronger and stronger with each passing day. I am in fervent prayer for you as well. Really!

My prayer for you –

Father, I ask all of the proceeding in my savior’s name – Yahshua – that these are days of awe for each person finding their way back to You during this very holy offering. Thank You for providing The Way, and thank You for keeping Your promises to not lose one. You love us in spite of our flaws, teach us of Your love so that we can love others in spite of their flaws.

I ask that the remnant be strengthened this year with Your truths, Father, and that Your jealousies for us not be pacified but burning as much as we ‘outcasts’ burn for You. Let Your patience be profound but your justice be swift in our lives – Shake our core so that we might not be found wanting. Keep our hearts contrite and our eyes focused on Your purpose and design in each of us.Help us to recognize that purpose of our design and teach us to be useful in it. But, most of all, let us be teachable and silent as You speak.

Thank You for Your precepts, laws and statutes, without them there would be no guidance. Amen.


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