Moses and ‘The Controlling Guy’

04 Mar 2021

When starting a project with anyone under eight years of age, keep your expectations low and a positive attitude high. Stay firm, yet fair to their individual expressions and most of all, learn new things with them.

May be that’s one way God looked at the project He embarked with the children in the wilderness when they started leaving Egypt. Not that He needed to learn something new, but allowing their expressions to blend with His as He taught them about their spiritual identity could have been one way to dismantle the slave thinking they came to know. Regardless, being valued by God made drawing near to Him a passion, not something mundane or dogmatic.

Teaching our children and our children’s children about the distance God went for us to be with Him for an eternity is a mandate actually. However, true to Himself, He allows our free will to determine our choices.

Many distractions have taken our eyes from The One who prospers us to looking like monkeys seeing no evil, hearing no evil but yelling evils too often.

Our complaints, though valid, use grey and black colors on our individual canvases, causing the hues of royal blue and purple to fade obscurely into muted tones. Moses understood that and gratitude was a character he had to learn also. How many times do we read about his complaint about his abilities?

Moses, one of the greatest men to walk the earth, was a man that was also two sides of a coin. On heads, He was an Israelite , fearful of God. On tails, He was raised Egyptian and fearfully revered as a prince, highly respected in his position. Moses had to be the entire coin in order to spend himself on his destination. Without one side or the other the plan to free his people would have been worthless. We are not much different: we are two sides of a coin: the spirit and the soul. How we spend ourselves is our choice.

We are truly treasures of God, our father and creator in Heaven. Let yourself be valued by Him and you’ll discover your true worth.

Today, reflect on where your at and what led you here. Find the blessings in disguise. And enjoy Emery’s intro to Moses.

-Warm regards- W

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