Emery? Why did the Israelites have to move?

The largest part of reaching any destination is the initial ‘move’ toward it. Leaving what you’ve grown used to sometimes can’t just be ‘talked away’. Remnants of memories attach to where you’ve been and what you’ve seen and heard will leave with you and become molded into your being. Good and bad memories will be packed in the unseen boxes in your heart. The whys should always be considered.

Packing the Egyptian lifestyle unwittingly by the Israelites (the ‘idol’eologies, or immoral ignorance for a better term, ect) was already anticipated by God, therefore His plan was worked out well in advance and the next 40 years would be required to execute it. Many memories were packed into many boxes in their hearts.

Fact: The Ten Commandments were given on the 50th day after leaving Egypt.
Fact: Having a broad social structure was foreign to the Israelites.

Though the commandments are very basic and common place today, these people were conditioned to be what they were told to be by their slave masters. Their understanding of God, Elohim, had never been cultivated up to that point. Restoring their dependence on Him was a strong theme during their days in the wilderness. The entire 40 years is spent learning that and certain events would happen to drive the point home.

God Hasn’t Changed His Ways
By teaching the oldest to the youngest about Him and His ways God taught the parents of children to teach their children and their children to teach their children about Him. This is still practiced to this day through the events between Passover and Shavuot. It is a slice of the lunar year that is devoted to God, and rightfully. Throughout the millenniums people have changed God, making Him less than desirable and an inconvenience. There are too many people who have never been introduced to Him, Jesus or the Holy Spirit and it’s here in the USA, not some jungle where indigenous people have no TV. We have TV, but no God – They have God, but no TV. Where have we failed? May be by blaming others like I’ve found myself doing, instead of teaching my children to teach their children about God like He told me to do.

So, we’re ‘moving’ today. And, in the video, I ask my granddaught why the Israelites had to move. Her answer is from her understanding. During edits I accidently chopped the last 30 secomds off and could not recover it. She had shared a little more about her and her family moving, not just her great-grandmother and grandmother. From a child’s perspective discovering a new place is exciting – out of her mouth: “New Things happen in New Places” was her reason for being happy about the new house.

After I stopped the video we spoke about the importance of worshipping God and that was the biggest reason they (the Israelites) ended up having to move. See, Moses only asked that his people and He would go to the desert to worship God, he never asked to make it permanent. Pharoh is actually the one who finally drove them all into the wilderness where they could not return. BUT……. God!!! And God knew it was the only way to reclaim what was His, not Pharoh’s. And, wouldn’t you know? God is still doing that today in the lives of all humans because of Jesus Christ – reclaiming what is rightfully His. All we have to do is exactly what the Israelites did in the wilderness: repent from Our ways and surrender to HIS, becoming dependent on The One who provides for our needs: our ABBA Father in Heaven.

So, as we ‘pack’ the moving truck this week, and know we’re leaving, let us be mindful of what gets packed and what gets discarded. What is carried with you from one place to the other effects your future in ways never considered until you either need something you left behind or you brought too many wrong things you’ll never need (who needs a budvase if the water to keep the flower alive was forgotten?).

My apologies for not having Emery on more than I wanted, Spring Break and moving has both of us, well…. on the move. Thank goodness I worked on the blog posts well in advance this year. I will be elated to share the experience with you instead of pre-day posts. Interesting to note: if you’re having problems in the areas of discipline in your life, make yourself do a daily ‘something’ and hold yourself to it. It helps iron out mindsets that prevent you from performing great things.

This week – please take an inventory of what you want to take with you into the Seven Week journey that begins next week. An example:

Take: Helpfullness…Discard: Stubborness…Take: Trust…Discard: jumping to conclusions…Take: Determination…Discard: Unrestrained temperment

This is just one way to mentally prepare for the 7-wk ‘move’. You might have a better way, but honestly, reflecting on the distance God reached to recover us should include the “why’s”. If we call ourselves children of the Most High, then answering the ‘why’ questions about ourselves must occur.

Until next time – W

ESV 2Tim4:1-
I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His Kingdom: preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

Emery explains why the Israelites moved from Egypt with the rest of the story from her last video.

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