D1: The Love of Love

(Today I write the longest entry (honest) because this day anchors every day following it).

John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth upon Him would have everlasting life.

Same as: loving-kindness, kindness, mercy, respect, the root of all peace is LOVE.

It is with the love attribute of our intellect from which we find our passions and treasures. Also, it is the only character, when it is in full use, that remains consistent in its job as being single minded by being protective over the object it is driven by.

The remaining characters within our core have multiple layers, but love stands alone and is the expression most often used in human behavior. Godly love can even be tied to Noah’s flood: It was God’s love that preserved the human race otherwise the love-less giants would have desolated the entire earth.

Love’s true design is to bring peace, encouragement and hope, first in kind tones. Even when it is firm it doesn’t rob another’s dignity.

Further, in its raw form it is comforting and soothing and calms mental anguish. It is protecting and always seeks the best for all. Love that is contrary to those honest attributes of true love is not love but something that provides gratification for the flesh and not refreshment for the spirit.

When love is overbearing it will smother its true mission as peacemaker. Our individual definition of love will not mesh with others unless we are shaped by God’s version. He is love, and the creator of it within us. He is a peaceful God, sending Jesus to be the example of that.

When love is not present the human spirit becomes unable to carry on. We can ascertain that statement with the amount of suicides reported in the news over the last decade and longer. Regardless of what the victim acquired socially or financially, they were, for lack of a better word, love-broke. It can also be ascertained that without love, humans cease to survive.

For healthy love to thrive in our own lives we must engage its capabilities to mend, encourage and build others up with meaningful words that promote dignity and respect. Shifting our focus on another’s well being through small acts of kindness develops maturity in love.

When love is kind, joy quickly follows. When love is respectful, trust can be formed. Flip side: when love is false, there is fear and control in some form or fashion. True love expands, false love deflates. True love loves, false love hates.

Test your behaviors by asking yourself:
– Does my love show God’s true design of love?
Is my love kind? Can I display kindness, respect and value of others in all situations, regardless of my opinions or beliefs?
– Most importantly, Am I loving towards God? Do I withdraw because I don’t get what I want or my expectations are not met? Can I show love without receiving love in return? If yes, will it bother me later that the other person did not display love in return?
– What is my definition of God’s love towards me? Do I love others like that?

Use your kindness to change an entire room’s emotional state. It’s possible. Concentrate and focus on loving to simply be kind and respectful. Love draws from kindness, kindness draws from love.

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