D1: The Love of Love

(Today I write the longest entry (honest) because this day anchors every day following it). John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth upon Him would have everlasting life. Same as: loving-kindness, kindness, mercy, respect, the root of all peace is LOVE. It is with … Continue reading D1: The Love of Love

Week 1: LOVE

Love is an emotion that is nearly impossible to adequately define. Because of its anchoring role in human life, its behavior determines how every character within us acts. Definitions of Love tend to be more broad than necessary. The truth is that love exists to simply love. Kindness is the expression of this character. Respect … Continue reading Week 1: LOVE

Learning to work with ‘Hank’

A few more days and we leave Egypt. Worth noting: no matter how new a place, the same ol' people live there too. New faces, same personality. Do you remember asking 'why' a few days ago? Well, this is a good spot to insert that particular question. So....why are people generally alike in some respect? … Continue reading Learning to work with ‘Hank’

“God, we’re sorry….again”

It's been a week of moving and shifting gears to ride out the last leg of the race as we make it across the sea and fast track to Mount Sinai. Life mimics many, many stories from the Bible, but Moses' story should be the most resemblant in the respect that we each find ourselves … Continue reading “God, we’re sorry….again”

Emery? Why did the Israelites have to move?

The largest part of reaching any destination is the initial 'move' toward it. Leaving what you've grown used to sometimes can't just be 'talked away'. Remnants of memories attach to where you've been and what you've seen and heard will leave with you and become molded into your being. Good and bad memories will be … Continue reading Emery? Why did the Israelites have to move?