About Me

Not a lot to say… I am a child of Yahweh, believer in His only risen son Yeshua, the living Messiah, and life student of the teachings of the Holy Spirit.

On 01/01/2006 I was alone in my garage, when suddenly I had an encounter that would change me forever. Knowing I was on a spiritual path to Hell, I repented wholeheartedly. Alone and not at church, I sobbed in my wretchedness. Then, it was as if Jesus himself hugged me and consoled me. I mean, I literally felt his arms around my shoulders as if He put my head on His chest.

I am not ashamed to say that miracles and wonders follow behind me. I am just not one for theatrics. It’s only because of the works on the cross that I’m can do anything that good. My background and/or experience has nothing to do with it.

I started this blog as a tool sort of. I see the fit between the original Feast of Weeks observance and the teachings found in the New Testament, especially the red letters, but I cannot locate anything like this on the net. So, here is where I share that leg work. I am humbled and blessed all in one shot on the whole experience since I started this in 2018. It takes character refinement to the next level. My expectations are realistic: I’m not looking to become a speaker or author. I just see the value in sharing this.

See, I greatly suffered with residual character flaws from pre-born again days. Even after going through deliverance and forgiving people, still, for years fear gripped me to breaking points on some days. Then I stumbled upon ‘The Count to the Omer’ by divine chance. Point being: the exercises and reflections throughout the 49 days allowed light into a very dark period in my life. I never strayed from my faith, only isolated myself and began fearing people on a grand scale. I never realized how much I didn’t know about my Father in Heaven and the lengths He went for all of His children to be able to return to Him.

Anyways – see… not much to tell about me. I’m just a human, like you.

Only a bit of advice: take each day as it comes and make every one of them count. Remember, ‘today is the present’.

Blessings, and warmest regards,

– W


Twitter: @liberty_road

Hill County, Texas, USA