About Me

Rather than ‘about me’…. It should be titled: My disclaimer:

With more than a decade of devotion to the pursuit of God’s calling in my own life, it is only recently I have made strides in my display of it. When I surrendered to the ways of Jesus on 1/1/2006, I never looked back, but there came a time years later that devastated me to a point where I thought I couldn’t return. I credit the Jewish Feast of Weeks for the break through.

Without ‘preachy’ messages, my goal is to have a really short read each day that fosters defined concepts with self examination questions. The rest in your hands.

All photos are from my personal collection and all videos shot are as current to the post as possible.

I am amazed and inspired by the many places I see God’s hand in. Sometimes it’s in my own back yard, but all the same, hints of God’s goodness are just waiting to be discovered no matter where I am.

Adding video is way different than just shooting pictures. I am embracing God’s desire to develop speaking skills in me. I never saw myself as a ‘platform’ person, but this is where I say, “OK God – I trust You! Have Your way!”

Why blog the subject matters of God’s characters? For me personally, learning about His reflection of Him within me thwarted a long bout with severe depression and social anxieties brought on by a variety of traumas occurring within a short span of 6 years.

God knew I had never been taught this self-examination method. He also knew that He ordained it for all of human-kind to utilize and it had not been well publicized for New Testament believers to discover.

Years ago I had a dream of Jesus telling about doing this. I didn’t quiet understand it at the time, but I held on to the words He commanded me to do and trusted the vision I saw. Eventually I began walking in His plan for my life and now I am living out exactly what He said I would do: this blog.

My best advice: The smartest way to fight your demons is not to; let God fight them for you with His characters reflected in you. Like a mirror, it’s our brilliant reflection of God in us that blinds the enemy when he tries to steal, kill or destroy us.

My blogging style will be simple and direct, only lengthy when a subject matter might need more definition concepts.

My video style mission is to talk to you, one on one. I have very human days all the time. All of us do. It’s not a platform for me to preach – I am horrible at that. I do share relational bible stories and scriptures, but mostly I am like a cheerleader for your day.

I enjoy giving you (and I) pep talks because we all have human days, every day. We need encouragement! I also find purpose in expressing meatier Christian concepts; I have a sense that time is too short for immaturity in God things, so there will be days I will introduce subject matters that are deeper than others.

In such an angry world, edification of the saints is needed more NOW than ever before.  My goal is to keep videos as short as possible, but I’ve found that there are days an extra minute or two might be needed.

With all of that…

I’m rooting for you! And, I’m rooting for me too! Being an individual isn’t all that complicated, it’s in our hands and within our character capacity to be spiritually whole and at peace with God, ourselves and others.

I encourage you to subscribe to my blog for the convenience of receiving daily challenges.

Warmest regards,

– Wendy



Hill County, Texas, USA