About Me

Me in a nut shell:

With more than a decade of devotion to the pursuit of God’s calling in my own life, it is only recently I have made strides in my display of it. I credit the Jewish Feast of Weeks for the break through.

My blessings from God are endless, and include: family, friends, ranching, music, dreams, a visionary’s heart, serious business skills, a vision coming true and currently, the opportunity to share inspiration from above to help bring encouragement to you, the reader.

Without ‘preachy’ messages, my goal is to have a short read each day that highlights God’s characters in use. Because I am currently studying the disciplines of ‘making history’, my assignment includes learning to blog.

All photos are from my personal collection. I am amazed and inspired by the many places I see God’s hand in. Sometimes it’s in my own back yard, but all the same, hints of God’s goodness are just waiting to be discovered no matter where I am.

Why blog the subject matters of God’s characters? For me personally, learning about His image within me thwarted a long bout with severe depression and social anxieties brought on by a variety of traumas occurring within a short span of 6 years.

My best advise: The smartest way to fight your demons is not to; let God fight them for you with His characters reflected in you. Like a mirror, it’s the Son’s brilliant light in us that blinds the enemy when he tries to steal, kill or destroy us.

My blogging style will be simple and direct and is probably best while gaining my walking legs in blogging.

Warmest regards,

– Wendy


Hill County, Texas, USA