About Me

Not a lot to say…Other than the content on this page seems to get smaller and smaller each time I visit it…haha.

I am not ashamed to say Jesus is alive and well, the Holy Spirit is all powerful and the one true God is the creator and Father of Jesus and those of us who choose to be His children. I am not ashamed to say that miracles and wonders follow behind me. I am just not one for theatrics, the vlog portion of this site is about as good as it gets, anything outside of that is for God’s pleasure to heal, bless or encourage as He sees fit, and when He’s the driver of that vehicle. It’s only because of the works on the cross that I’m can do anything of this magnitude or the other. My background and/or experience has nothing to do with it, simple belief is the only prerequisite.

I started this blog as a tool sort of.

I see the direct correlation between the original Orthodox Jewish Feast of Weeks observance and the teachings found in the New Testament, specifically in the red letters, but I cannot locate anything like this on the net.

Being that God ordained all of the parents in the wilderness to teach their children this observance and then taught those children to teach their children, I can only be grateful to a merciful God who is once again hearing the oppressive cries of His children today and providing the way back to Him. 

So, here is where I share that leg work. I am humbled and blessed all in one shot on the whole experience since I started this in 2018. It takes character refinement to the next level. My expectations are realistic: I’m not looking to become a speaker or author, but would beckon to God’s call should that be His assignment for me. I just see the value in sharing this, nothing else really.

Anyways – see… not much to tell about me. I’m just a human, like you.

Oh….Only a bit of advice: take each day as it comes and make every one of them count. Remember, ‘today is the present’.

Blessings, and warmest regards,

– W

Twitter: @liberty_road

Hill County, Texas, USA