How it Works

Basic formula: 7×7=49

7 attributes multiplied by 7 attributes equals 49 distinct attributes

The seven emotional attributes of God mirrored in humans:

(Godly Character = Behavior = Fruit)

Love = kindness = healing
Strength = truth = restoration
Beauty = compassion = harmony/balance
Victory = endurance = pursuit/purpose
Humility = gratitude = promoting
Bonds = relationships = sharing
Sovereignty = ownership = legacy

It’s pretty simple, I suppose. And, yet, it can be easy to overlook the fact that God used these characters of Him to mirror His image through us, individually.

God created each of us with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Our personal sovereignty is a reflection of God’s supreme sovereignty, therefore our own free will determines our behaviors. God is undoubtedly in control of His creation, however circumstantial outcomes are a result of our choices, not His.

Human reactions are determined by many influences but still directly influence circumstantial outcomes. How is it that some people have the golden touch and others don’t? To find individualism that prospers you doesn’t have to be elusive, you just have to look within yourself using God’s lens.

Take the next seven weeks to self examine the key characters that directly influence your success and failures by using your standards, your opinions and your experiences. You’ll be surprised at the knowledge about yourself you will gain, I know I was. It’s not time consuming and little effort is involved. Besides, what’s not interesting about discovering there’s more to you than you thought?

See, through God’s eyes, we are part of His story. He is such an easy Father to understand once we know who He is to us. There is nothing you’ve done that He doesn’t already know about – He can literally see life through your eyes. As far fetched as that might seem, it’s true. 

Whether you obey His commands or not, or even believe in Him or not, His ownership of humans affords Him the right to be included in every thing that humans do within the framework of our being. However, make no mistake, free will of humans are still part of the design, it is only by our choice that we know His ways and believe upon Him who He sent. 

I want to encourage you – you can do this. It’s really is as easy as seeing the subject line if you rather skip the short content. Just keep the meditation on point for the day. The challenges are strictly optional, but very helpful just the same.

There are many scriptures that directly correlate with each attribute, however I choose one or two in order for the Holy Spirit to teach you further. He’s far more awesome at that than I.

One final thing:
I believe in you! My greatest desire is for you to believe in yourself as much as God believes in you. It makes all the difference when it comes to healing from traumatic circumstances (at all levels), past hurts, emotional scars, and a host of other oppressions that hold us down. We were created to shine, and to shine brilliantly! And with that…
Peace, love and blessings to you – W